OTTERBACH’s mission is to celebrate every day through honoring the artistic and entrepreneurial spirit of his family, finding and generating beauty, demonstrating respect for the environment, inspiring other artists by example, and supporting charitable causes through international and cross-cultural collaborations.

Otterbach is a native of Southern California. The fifth of six children, he credits his parents’ own work ethics, creativity, and stable upbringing with providing him the sense of freedom to express himself.  As an artist and sculptor, Otterbach uses reclaimed materials in his works of art in order to inspire sustainable and responsible practices.  Otterbach embraces his affinity for painting on reclaimed metal by allowing the weathered patinas and textures of the metal to guide his color stories and intricate tonalities.  OTTERBACH cuffs are wearable versions of his signature works on metal.

Otterbach has owned and operated two successful art galleries in Laguna Beach, California: Zion and OTTERBACH Contemporary Art.